The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei

Every summer one of the great London events, is the unveiling of the The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. This year it was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei, the reknowned team responsible for designing the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Part of the London 2012 Festival, the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is like a huge floating lily pad filled with water sheltering the underbelly of the structure, which houses a seating area clad in cork.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

The whole structure takes you below the lawn and in to an underground world. It’s a cool place to sit and enjoy a lemonade on a hot day.

It’s open until the 14 October 2012.

aMAZEme at the Southbank Centre, London

This weekend is the last chance to see aMAZEme at the Southbank Centre Clore Ballroom. So if you are passing by check it out.

aMAZEme, Southbank Centre, London

The maze created by books donated by Oxfam Books was created by Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo and is part of the London 2012 Festival.

aMAZEme, Southbank Centre, London

You can walk through, pick a book from the top and read it or simply admire from afar. Enjoy!

aMAZEme, Southbank Centre, London

Frieze New York Opening Party at MoMA PS1

Mark Ronson at Frieze Kick Off Party, MoMA PS1, New YorkLast Wednesday was the opening party for Frieze at MoMA PS1 with music by Martha Wainwright and DJ Mark Ronson amidst the Kraftwerk – Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 installation.

The party rocked out in the MoMA PS1 Performance Dome as the arty crowd listened to Martha sing tribute to the German Electro-Pioneers and then we all jumped around to Mark Ronson.

Delicious cocktails were served by Bombay Sapphire East. One thing for sure MoMA PS1 throw one great party.

For more events visit MoMA PS1.

Damien Hirst and the Level 7 Restaurant, Tate Modern

* Art / Bar – A gallery visit with a friend i.e. lets see some art, inspire ourselves, feel proud we did something and then get a glass of wine and gossip.

Damien Hirst, Tate Modern

Art: Damien Hirst, Tate Modern
He is the man who shocked us all in 1999 at the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy. It made him a household name, as the papers screamed about his sensational art including pickled cows, sheep and sharks.

His story began at the Freeze show in 1988 where Damien Hirst exhibited and curated his work with his friends from Goldsmiths College. He caught the eye of Charles Saatchi and well the rest is history. Then in 2008, he sold it all at Sotheby’s for over £111 million.

This show is the biggest survey of his work in the UK ever. Spanning almost the last 25 years, the exhibition focuses on Damien Hirst’s journey from an unknown artist to one of the most influential artists of his generation.

This exhibition is though provoking and visually intensive on such a massive scale. Go to see his real moment-changing works – like the sharks in the formaldehyde. Their scale is so big and they emit a strange eerie calmness which envelops you as you observe them. It’s exactly what good art does – it makes you think and react to what you see.

This show will be one we talk about for years to come.

Level 7 Restaurant, Tate Modern
Bar: Tate Modern, Level 7 Restaurant
As this is the first Art/Bar post lets keep it simple and close by. And it’s can’t get closer that the same building. The view from this bar is fantastic across the river to St Paul’s. The bar is part of the Level 7 restaurant so is more a hang out for a few hours, rather than an all night destination. But it’s perfect for the art/bar needs.

Top tip: If you buy a Tate membership, you gain access to the members room which also sells wine and has a terrace overlooking the river. The views are also stunning. Oh and don’t forget the Tate Modern summer opening hours to 10pm on a Friday and Saturday.

So get your wine, discuss the merits of Damien Hirst and then get on with some good old-fashioned gossiping.

For more information visit Tate Modern.

Top picture: Damien Hirst, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living  1991
© Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved. DACS 2011
Photo: Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates

The Trafalgar Sun in London

What an incredible idea. Take a sun and hang it in Trafalgar Square, London and watch the smiles on people’s faces. It sets tonight at 7.30pm so head down to see it in its full glory. The work was created by Greyworld, a group of artists who create public art in urban spaces and commissioned by Tropicana.

Magical and inspiring.

For more information visit Greyworld.

David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy of Arts

David Hockney, Under the Trees, Bigger, 2010-11

Opening today in London, David Hockney presents his collection of vibrant new landscape paintings, including many large-scale works of East Yorkshire created especially for the space at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Embracing the digital world, David Hockney has painted a number of these works on an iPad, which have then been blown up in scale. These will be shown alongside paintings, drawings and films.

The exhibition focus is David Hockney’s personal view of East Yorkshire and how these spatial landscapes adapt to the beauty of the seasons through changing colour and light.

For more information and tickets visit the Royal Academy of Arts.

Picture: David Hockney, Under the Trees, Bigger 2010-11
Courtesy of the artist. Copyright David Hockney.
Photo credit: Richard Schmidt

Carsten Höller’s Experience Exhibition at the New Museum, New York

Carsten Holler, Experience Exhibition, New Museum

A slide, a swimming tank, a crocodile and a mushroom. These are a number of  the elements which make up the Carsten Höller Experience exhibition at the New Museum currently open until 15 January 2012.

Carsten Höller originally trained as a scientist so he has an interest in social experiments and research and so his work takes these basics to create an experience of new physical and psychological sensations. In a nutshell,  the exhibition spread over several floors, attempts to alter the minds reaction to different situations.

So take your chance to experience the weird and wonderful and go on the Mirror Carousel, throw caution to the wind and jump on the Untitled (Slide), experience the flashing lights titled Double Light Flickers and float in the Giant Psycho Tank; a sensory deprivation pool, which creates an out-of-body experience.

The best time to go is a Thursday night, when it is free from 7-9pm and has a party style atmosphere. And of course the must-do has to be the slide which takes you from one floor, through another and deposits you in the next. After all that testing I think one result is clear – science can be fun! And don’t forget your swimming costume.

For more information visit the New Museum.