Taking up Beach Volleyball

The one thing I saw in the Olympics that I really thought – I WANT to do that was the beach volleyball. Hotly tipped as one of the best tickets to get, you can see why when we arrived. If someone told me a year ago I would be watching beach volley ball on Horse Guards Parade on a hot night in London I wouldn’t believe it.

The venue was built in only a few weeks, due to the Jubilee celebrations and was a temporary structure. It was the biggest piece of scaffolding I have ever seen. Quite an achievement.

Beach Volleyball, London 2012

And when you got to the top, this is what you saw –  an exceptional view.

Beach Volleyball, Olympics 2012

And this was the view of London. AMAZING. Another London gold.

Beach Volleyball, London 2012

Swimming in the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London

It’s been nearly a week since the Olympics ended and I am still talking about them. It’s been said everywhere before, but I can’t believe how inspirational the 2 week event was for everyone. So many great moments that will stay with us all forever.

Plus as a Londoner, I was so proud to see our great city do it right. I had so many fave London Olympic moments, but one of the best was watching the Men’s 10km Marathon Swim in the Serpentine, Hyde Park. I have swum in the Serpentine (on my sister’s hen night) and I can tell you it’s not pretty. Lots of brown duck poo. So hats off to the Olympians!

The Serpentine, created in 1730 by Royal Gardener Charles Bridgeman was one of the first artificial lakes to be natural in form rather than long and straight. If you fancy a swim in the lake, the Serpentine Lido is open during the summer (winter only to members) and if you become a member you can join the famous Christmas day swim. Icy!

Men's 10km Marathon Swim, London 2012 OlympicsWe waited patiently to see them swim past

Men's 10km Marathon Swim, London 2012 OlympicsThe view from the Serpentine Bridge

London Olympics 2012 – Tennis Semi-finals at Wimbledon

Yesterday was a super cool day at Wimbledon, to see the longest tennis match in Olympic history and also more importantly to witness Andy Murray make it to the Olympic final.

Olympic Tennis, WimbledonTo start the day off in style, we saw the green covers being taken off the court – it’s a scene we have seen so many times before on the television and so was really exciting to see in real life! The day was about to START!

Olympic Tennis, Wimbledon

First up was Federer V’s del Potro which was a 3 set wonder AND the longest game in Olympic history. Both players just wouldn’t give up in the final set going 19-17 with Federer winning in the end. What incredible and determined tennis.

We had a bet on how high the games would end up but this result blew it all! Here they are taking a well-earned break under the hand-held sun umbrellas.

Olympic Tennis, WimbledonThen Serena Williams (in a very stylish outfit) easily beat Victoria Azarenka 6-1, 6-2. This was the view from Henman Hill/Murray Mound.

Olympic Tennis, WimbledonAnd FINALLY what we had all been waiting for – the big match between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Murray came out on court to a massive cheer and the ‘come on Andy’ chants didn’t stop for the whole match.

Olympic Tennis, Wimbledon

Towards the end the TeamGB flags were out in force and the atmosphere in centre court was absolutely electric. And when Andy Murray won, we all went mad and jumped on our feet. And Andy even enjoyed a super jump for joy – see here! Nice one!

Olympic Tennis, Wimbledon

Then time for us all to go home and for those Wimbledon folk to tidy the court for tomorrow. Broom anyone?

Olympic Tennis, Wimbledon

Top Gun Movie Night on the Intrepid, New York

Intrepid, New York

Tomorrow night is all about the Summer Movie Series at the Intrepid Museum, New York. To celebrate New York Fleet Week, they are showing Top Gun on top of this aircraft carrier. Yes that’s right you can watch Top Gun on an aircraft carrier. Is there anything cooler than that? I don’t think so.

Plus it’s free and you can take blankets/cushions to sit on. Doors open at 7.30pm and the film starts at sunset. For more information visit the Intrepid.

And if you can’t make it here is the start of Top Gun for you to enjoy. Ps I am saving the volleyball scene for tomorrow!

One Man, Two Guvnors, Broadway, New York

One Man, Two Guvnors, Broadway, New York

Last night I went to see the farcical comedy One Man, Two Guvnors at the Music Box Theatre on Broadway, New York. It was incredibly funny, clever and heart warming. The perfect show.

To start James Corden is fantastic! You want to take him home as your new best friend. It’s like all his best characters rolled in to one. He deserved the standing ovation at the end. And the rest of the cast were fabulous too – especially Oliver Chris and Jemima Rooper.

The stage set is beautifully designed, so well you actually believe you are seeing the sea glimmering in the sunlight through the streets of Brighton and the costumes are 1960’s style fashion. And don’t forget the music with the four piece band, and the additions of Oliver Chris playing the trumpets and James Corden playing the xylophone. Both hilarious!

The whole thing is brilliant and well worth the ticket. I laughed out loud the whole way through and so did everyone else. Read more about it and book your ticket at One Man, Two Guvnors.

Have you seen the play? I would love to hear your thoughts! Add them below (points down).

Ps Audience participation takes place.

Image courtesy of  Hugo Glendinning, One Man, Two Guvnors

The Flower District, New York

Flower District, New York

One of the most interesting streets in New York for flower lovers is 28th street between sixth and seventh avenues where you will find shops selling flowers and plants wholesale and to the public.

It’s best to get there early, 5am for florists and 8am for normal folk to get the best of the bunch. Or if you rise late, I still manage to get lovely flowers in the late afternoon.

Flower District, New York

Even if you aren’t in the market for some flowers pop by to see the seasons changing – cherry blossom, daffodils, hot summer flowers and autumnal twigs to the largest Christmas wreaths I have ever seen! Or all year round admire the orchid displays and the palm trees on the streets of New York.

A top tip is in the summer, walk past for some fresh air, when the summer heat of New York gets too much. I swear it’s like being in the middle of a forest. Plus look out for the cats keeping the mice away at Branches and Blooms on Sixth avenue.

So go see the flower district in New York, and enjoy!

Images courtesy of Kristine Paulus and Eden Pictures.