The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party, Selfridges

Selfridges' Big Rooftop Tea and Golf Party

Selfridges has just opened The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party as part of their Big British Bang celebrations. This unique and hilarious destination can be found on the Selfridges 6th floor roof deck in the centre of busy Oxford Street, London.

Selfridges' Big Rooftop Tea and Golf Party

Head here for a round of crazy (cake-based) golf designed by British food architects Bompas & Parr in the style of London landmarks and then enjoy a 100% organic afternoon tea at the Daylesford Cafe. Fondant fancies galore!

And if it couldn’t get any cooler London – it was opened by the City of London Pearly King and Queen.

City of London Pearly King and Queen, Selfridges Big Rooftop Tea and Golf Party

For more information visit Selfridges.

Images courtesy of Selfridges.

Ma’amite Special Jubilee Edition Poster

I absolutely love this Ma’amite poster created by DDB for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and posted by Tea and Sympathy in New York.

Marmite – do you love it or hate it?! I love it.

Thanks T&S.

Tea & Sympathy

After we posted about the fabulously funny rebranding of Marmite for the Queen’s Jubilee, the lovely people at DDB (the advertising agency in London behind the project) emailed us this special edition poster. Two words: Bloody hilarious!

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Lola’s Cupcakes, London

Lola's Red Velvet Cupcake

On any given day of the week and especially Sunday it’s a challenge to get to 3pm and not want a Lola’s cupcake. They are by definition the most delicious cupcakes around by far.

Started by Victoria Jossel and Romy Lewis, Lola’s bakery is all about the best ingredients and the most delicious flavours. Plus they look pretty dynamic too.

Now available in their flagship Mayfair store, Selfridges, Harrods and Topshop, Oxford Circus, if you are in town you have no excuse. Or of course you can get them delivered. Chocolate, banana, red velvet – give them all a go.

For more information see Lola’s.

Brunch at Providores and Tapa Room, Marylebone, London

Providores and Tapa Room, Marylebone, London

If you’re stuck for ideas for brunch, then head to Marylebone High Street to the Providores and Tapa Room on the ground floor. You will need to get there early to avoid the queue. A good trick is to get there at 10am when they open as then you will be guaranteed a table. If not, queue as it’s worth it.

The tables against the back wall are the best, or if you are lucky the window table to watch the world go by. The window table is also great if you are on your own, as there are plenty of magazines to keep you busy as the breakfast unfolds.

The food is delicious, eat as much as you can. Then head off for a meander up and down the high street to find things, you don’t maybe need, but you will love.

For more information visit Providores.