24 Hours in Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is perfect for exploring by night. Head here in the early evening, take a stroll up to the castle, go shopping in the many boutiques and eat some dinner in the old town. The marina (near where we stayed) is also a cool place for dinner and to hang out with all the yacht and mega-boat owners. Land ahoy and all that!

Ibiza TownThe amazing view from our hotel over the marina to Ibiza Town

Ibiza TownExploring the old town – heels NOT advised!

Ibiza TownHigh up in the old town overlooking the marina

Ibiza TownTime for dinner, old town style

Where are your fave Ibiza town haunts? Do let me know.

Have fun! Love Ali x

An Ibiza Secret Hideaway

On my last trip to Ibiza we discovered El Bigote, and tried to go back this time, but ran out of time. Anyway this doesn’t mean you should miss out, as it was one of my favourite lunches EVER!

El Bigote, Ibiza

Image: Urban Junkies

Arrive at the Cala Mastella beach and you will notice people disappearing around the rocky headland. They are all going to El Bigote. They won’t tell you though, as it’s a secret they want to keep. And you won’t want to tell either – so if you are reading this don’t tell others.

Once around the rocky headland (it’s not far – literally just around the corner) you find the restaurant set out against the bay. Take a seat, enjoy the delicious fish with potatoes and saffron (the only dish) and some rose wine. We did.

Then head back to beach for some lazy sunbathing.

What a perfect day.

Have fun! Love Ali x

Ps You have to book and they have no phone. We managed to go early and book and then go back. As I remember they had two lunch sittings early and late. Good luck!

Escape to Formentera

This year was the first time I made it to Formentera. After reading about Kate Moss style escapades for years, it was time I checked out this Ibiza retreat. So we did.

Formentera, Ibiza

We got a boat from Ibiza town which took an hour (easy) and arrived mid morning at La Savina the main port. Stepping off the boat, felt like we were stepping back in to a 1960’s style holiday (or how I imagine it) of undiscovered paradise. Think hippies and sunshine in the med with low-rise buildings and a simple way of life.

Formentera, Ibiza

We rented a bicycle and set off for the Playa Migjorn on the far side of the island. After a hot but beautiful ride through the countryside (about 30 mins) we arrived at the South Beach Club.

Formentera, IbizaThe beach was stunning – think blue aquamarine clear seas, a sandy beach and sun loungers. The only effort was getting in to the sea, through the pebbles and rocks under the clear water. But once you had a sandy path it was fine.

Formentera, Ibiza

But the day didn’t end there. For lunch we walked along these beautiful board walks to find a simple but incredible restaurant serving grilled sardines and salad. It was delicious.

Formentera, Ibiza

Then we checked out Hotel Gecko Beach Club. It looked a great find, with beautiful gardens and a stunning pool. The perfect boutique hotel for a Formentera stylish retreat.

Hotel Gecko Beach Hotel, Formentera, IbizaChilling at Hotel Gecko Beach Club

Hotel Gecko Beach Hotel, Formentera, Ibiza

What a place. We cycled back to the port in the early evening and got the boat back to Ibiza.

Formentera, Ibiza

Formentera – I will be back.

Have fun! Love Ali x

Shopping Ibiza Style

I realised two things about shopping in Ibiza this summer. Number  1 – Brazilian bottom bikinis were big news. I really wanted to buy one. FYI it is like a half thong bikini – so a bit revealing but not a thong. And number 2 the best place to shop is at the beach, where you can find super cool boutiques which sell the most beautiful clothes and accessories.

I was so excited to discover Dune Boutique at Es Cavallet beach on the south side of the island. The shop is part of the  El Chiringuito Beach House. I really wanted to buy everything but settled for a beautiful blue scarf, which I have worn nearly every day back in London.

Peachy and beachy = perfect.

Dune Boutique, El Chiringuito, IbizaWow what to pick?!

Dune Boutique, El Chiringuito, IbizaI LOVE this pink bag

Dune Boutique, El Chiringuito, IbizaMy scarf in blue

Dune Boutique, El Chiringuito, IbizaThe perfect coffee table book

Dune Boutique, El Chiringuito, IbizaSo many cool bracelets

Such a cool boutique. Make sure it’s on your summer list next year.

Have fun! Love Ali x

Ibiza LOVE

IbizaSo it’s been a few years since I last went to Ibiza, and a good many years since I first went at 18.  So this summer I was super excited to be returning to the white isle. As if you haven’t guessed it I love Ibiza.

Where else can you find amazing beaches, eat incredible food AND if you fancy it go dancing at one of the best clubs in the world. All at a whim! AND meet like minded party people who like to clap when the plane touches down and go crazy on the dance floor!

If you didn’t get there this year, plan it in now for next year. Or go and get a cheap flight now for a last minute summer fling. Just get there!

There will be more Ibiza posts this week from escaping to Formentera, Ibiza Town, dancing at Pacha and shopping Ibiza style.

It’s time for some Ibiza fun!

Love Ali x

24 Hours in East Hampton, New York

So on Saturday we got the train to East Hampton from Penn Station at the ungodly hour of 7.45am. Yes we got up early – but so did a lot of other people with sun umbrellas! The top tip for this train journey is 1) buy breakfast at the station the train is empty of food and 2) bring  a blanket airplane style to sleep most of the way.

Penn StationImage courtesy of Wockerjabby

So 2 hours and a bit later – we arrive in East Hampton. At last! We make our way with our now quite heavy sun umbrella to The Golden Pear cafe for a much needed lattes and granola / yoghurt. Luckily this ensured we fitted right in with the EH ladies who work out in the morning and then head to the Golden Pear. Of course sans the work out clothes and the actual work out.

CoffeeImage courtesy of Pinterest

Coffee morning over, we head to Main Beach. Not apparently the best beach in East Hampton but taxi / walking distance (it took a while) from town and therefore perfect for us. Check out these sand dunes. The beach was beautiful. Making me wonder what the other top 1-4 are like. Main Beach is number 5 in the list.

Hamptons DunesImage courtesy of Pinterest

We spent the whole day at  the beach – paddling (that water is cold), sunbathing and reading/sleeping.

What are your top tips for East Hampton lazy days? I would love to hear.

Our East Hampton night out will follow tomorrow… Stay tuned.